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School Wide Learner Outcomes

over 2 years ago

         The high school’s curricular emphasis has both a solid foundation in the depth and breadth of California State Standards, while maintaining particular attention to the various learning styles and needs represented by all students. Schoolwide Learner Outcomes (SLOs) are a driving force in curricular development and teaching methodology. The Schoolwide Learner Outcomes are intended to challenge students to develop the following skills:


Socially Responsible Citizens

  • learning their rights and responsibilities as citizens in a democracy
  • becoming productive citizens in their local, national, and global communities

Well: Physically and Mentally


  • learning behaviors that promote good health
  • developing a sense of self-worth and self-respect

Ethical and Respectful Citizens


  • interacting cooperatively with others and working effectively toward a common goal
  • listening to and respecting each others' ideas and feelings; communicating effectively their own ideas and feelings
  • developing insight into ethical values and principles as well as learning respect for diversity

Thoughtful Problem Solvers and Effective Communicators


  • learning clear and effective communication
  • demonstrating independent and creative thinking
  • acquiring problem-solving skills

Technologically Skilled and Career-Ready


  • examining their choices for careers and post-secondary education
  • demonstrating sufficient skills in order to gain useful employment
  • learning the importance of punctuality, attendance, and personal responsibility in the workplace
  • developing skills and confidence in using computers and other technology
Created on 7/30/2009 - Last updated on 1/21/2014

Attendance Policy

over 2 years ago


Students are required to attend classes in accordance with compulsory fulltime education laws (E.C. 48200).  Categories for attendance include the following:


A.   Excused:

An excused absence is defined under Board Policy.  The teacher is to allow a student to make up the work missed during absences, to the degree it is possible for such work to be completed.  An excused absence shall be granted for the following reasons:

1.     Personal illness.

2.     Quarantine under city or county direction.

3.     Medical, dental, optometry, or chiropractic services.  Students are strongly encouraged to make appointments during non-school hours.

4.     Attending funeral services of an immediate family member.

5.     Exclusion for having not been properly immunized.

6.     Jury duty.

7.    For a student who is the custodial parent of a child who is ill or has a medical appointment during school hours.


B.   Warranted:

A warranted absence may be requested for justifiable personal reasons, including but not limited to, the following:

1.     Appearance in court.

2.     Employment conference or interview.

3.     School meetings which must necessarily be held during school hours.

4.     Religious holidays or celebrations.

5.     College visits (limit 3 days per year).

6.     Bereavement beyond excused absence days.

Family trips and vacations will not be warranted under this policy.

Any absence under this section which was not requested in advance and in writing will be considered unexcused, and work may be made up only at the teacher’s discretion.


C.   Unexcused:

Students may not make up work missed during an unexcused absence.  These include, but are not limited to:

1.     Oversleeping

2.     Cut

3.     Any absence which is not cleared within two days after the student returns to school.


D.   Suspensions:

The teacher from any class from which a student is suspended may require the suspended student to complete any assignments and tests missed during the suspension (E.C. 48913).


E.    John Swett High School Attendance Procedures:

·         Students who have been absent must have their absence(s) cleared within two days of their return.

·         Absences not cleared within this time will be marked unexcused.

·         You must call the attendance office on the first day of absence to request homework.  Homework will be collected for pick-up in the counseling office at the end of the day.

·         If a student becomes ill or injured while at school, he/she is to report to the attendance secretary, who will notify the parent/guardian.

·         Students are expected to make routine medical appointments after school hours.  Parents must send a note or call for students to leave campus.  Students who leave campus without a slip from the secretary will be marked as truant.

·         A student is considered tardy when he/she is not in the classroom ready to work when the class begins.

·         A student is considered unexcused if he/she arrives in class excessively late (15 minutes or more).

·         Students who arrive to class without their materials may be sent out of class at teacher discretion.

·         Students who are assigned detention for tardies must serve their detention within three days or a referral will be submitted resulting in further action and inclusion on student records.


F.    Student Attendance Review Board (SARB):

According to Ed. Code 48260, a student is considered truant “who is absent from school without a valid excuse more than three days and/or tardy in excess of thirty minutes on each of more than three days.”  Students who do not serve detentions may also be processed.  The formal procedure for dealing with truant students includes issuing letters of notification to parents of truant students,, meeting with the Board as a means of intervention, and referring students to support programs or alternative classrooms and schools, as necessary, or to the Contra Costa County sheriff’s office and/or district attorney’s office.


G. Closed Campus:

The Governing Board established a closed campus at John Swett High School.  Students may only leave the school campus during the lunch period and to attend pre-arranged school activities.


Certain areas around the campus have been declared off limits to students, including the Carquinez Middle School grounds and Alexander Park.





Tardies will accumulate during each grading period


1st Tardy: Teacher warning

2nd Tardy: Teacher consequence

3rd Tardy: Parent phone call and teaher held detention

4th Tardy: Referral to the Assistant Principal for administrative detention and parent phone call

Any tardies over 4 will result in a Saturday School Assignment


Random tardy sweeps will be held by staff and administration.  If students are caught in one of these sweeps, an administrative detention will be assigned.

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Directions to John Swett HS

over 2 years ago

John Swett High School 

1098 Pomona Street, Crockett, CA  94525

(510) 787-1088

from the south -

  • Go north on I-80.  
  • Take the Pomona Street / Crockett off ramp [last exit before the Zampa (Carquinez) bridge]
  • Make a left turn at the signal.
  • Follow  the road under the freeway.  
  • After the signal, you will drive a short block before seeing the high school on the left side..

from the north -

  • Head south on I-80 and proceed south over the Zampa (Carquinez) Bridge.  
  • Take the first exit (Pomona Street) near the end of the bridge.
  • Make a left turn at the signal.
  • Follow the road under the freeway.
  • After the signal, drive a short block before seeing the high school on the left side.

from the east, along Highway 4 -

  • Drive west on Highway 4.
  • Take the Crockett/Vallejo exit.  Make a right turn after the stop sign.
  • Make a right turn at the signal onto Crockett Blvd.
  • Follow the road down to Pomona Street.  At the bottom of the long hill, the school will be in view, across the street.

Cell Phone Policy

over 2 years ago

School board policy states that cell phones/ipods and other electronic devices are prohibited from being used on any John Swett Unified school district campus. Students' cell phones must be turned OFF, and must be out of sight. If any staff/faculty member sees a phone, it will be confiscated, regardless of whether or not it is in use. 

The consequences for a device being taken away are as follows:

1st offense- Student may pick up after school

2nd offense- Student has detention, and a parent must pick up the device

3rd offense- Student has Saturday school, and the device is kept until the end of the school year

*If a student refuses to give over the device he/she will be suspended for 1-3 days.