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Clubs and Organizations

about 1 year ago

Art Club
Adviser: Terri Murray
     The Art Club was formed to help other clubs and organizations with projects needing an eye and talent for art.  Members help design and make posters and flyers to help groups with their publicity needs.

Anime Club
Adviser:      The Anime Club gathers to watch anime and expose its members to the many genres of the art.  There are group discussions from time to time.  Possible field trips related to the topic are also a topic of discussion.
Associated Student Body (ASB)
Adviser: Christine Scott
     The Student Council, under the ASB constitution is the representative body that transacts the business affecting the whole student body.  It is composed of elected ASB officers, social studies class representatives, class presidents and representatives of various school organizations.
     Elected officers of the ASB include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Commissioner(s) of Sunshine, Finance, Publicity, Athletics, Student Activities, Student Affairs, Parliamentarian and Sergeant-at-Arms.
     Non-members are welcome to attend meetings by making proper arrangements in advance with the advisor and the student’s teacher

California Scholarship Federation (CSF)
Adviser : Shirley Monroe
     CSF is a state-wide scholastic honorary society.  Membership is determined each semester and application for membership must be filed with the advisor not later than three weeks after the beginning of each new semester.  Freshmen are not eligible until the end of their first semester and are considered associate (non-voting) members until the end of the first semester of their sophomore year.  CSF members do many school services, such as taking tickets at home football and basketball games.  In addition, CSF members are granted an Honors Day once each semester to visit some place of educational value. 

Christian Club
Advisers:  Deborah Rocchild
     The Christian Club meets every week at lunch for fellowship, fun, and a time of studying the Bible.  Christian Club members participate in service projects as well as special events.

Class of 2011 - Senior Class
Adviser: Heather Hayden / Marilyn Goike

Class of 2012 - Junior Class
Adviser: Caroline Hopper / Jessica Thomas

Class of 2013 - Sophomore Class

Class of 2014 - Freshman Class

Debate Club
Adviser: Michael Kinsley

Drama Club
Adviser: Tony Tuttle

    The Drama Club is open to any student who is interested in joining.  Plans are in the works for a Spring performance and a field trip to see a play.

International Cooking Club
Adviser: Terri Murray

     Each month the ICC meets to enjoy conversation and potluck food.  The food is themed toward different countries and is prepared in expectation of widening student palates and knowledge of cultures.

Latinos Unidos (Hispanic Club)
Adviser: Deborah Rocchild

      Latinos Unidos teaches our students about Latin culture and traditions.  The biggest celebrations are held in the spring when students celebrate Cesar Chavez and Cinco de Mayo.  All students are eligible to join.

Leos Club (Youth Lions Club)
Adviser: Suzanne Lavere

     Leos Club provides students with an opportunity for development and contribution, individually and collectively, as responsible members of the local, national and international community.

Poetry Club
Adviser: Caroline Hopper
     Poetry Club is an organization where any student can share their ideas about poetry.  Students are able to express their inner feelings and speak out through poetry.

Adviser: Crystal Lopez

     Rally Committee is composed of the Cheer Squad, Dance Team and Mascot(s).  The primary purpose of the Rally Committee is the promotion of school spirit and support of John Swett’s athletic teams.

Science Club
Adviser: Jim Machado

     Science Club service projects include sponsoring the annual community blood drives, recycling and clean-up projects, and raising money for science scholarships.  Meetings are held every other week.
Membership in band is open to any student who meets the necessary musical standards. In addition, student attitude and citizenship is considered of utmost importance in determining membership. Activities are seasonal within the total band program: Marching Band in the fall and spring; Pep Band year round. Each group has enjoyed enviable success as a performing group. The Marching Band performs at all home football games. They also compete in state-wide marching competitions. The Pep Band performs at games, Band Boosters, and Alumni Night. Attendance at regularly scheduled practices and performances is mandatory.
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